Our MD, Mohamed Al Shebani, has some fantastic news to share. He’s become the Padbol champion of Oman, demonstrating his positive drive and focus on maintaining a balance way of life.

The advertising industry can be rather taxing, which is why at MIRRORS we prioritize creating a space that encourages balance between work and personal life. We believe in nurturing an environment that allows team members time to explore their interests beyond the workload of office.

Our team’s productivity, creativity, and innovation are fueled by the core principle of achieving work-life balance. By supporting the pursuits of our team members interests and hobbies, we also take care of their well-being. Once they return to work with refreshed and inspired minds, we benefit from the results.

Shebani’s achievement, in Padbol is more than an accomplishment; it signifies the appreciation we have for maintaining a healthy equilibrium within our company.
Please join us in applauding Mohamed Al Shebani for his win and in recognizing the significance of balancing work and personal life well as the role of sports, in our daily routines.