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When KR decided to have a brand new space on the Internet for their CSR arm “ESHRAQA”, they briefed selected agencies to submit their proposals. After going through the proposals they received, Mirrors was selected to take up on the challenge. The main reason we were chosen was the fresh approach we took on the website. We worked closely with the ESHRAQA team to come up with something not seen in the market before. We wanted to tell stories through photos. ESHRAQA is all about bringing happiness to the people who need a helping hand. We reflected that from our designs by combining sketch and real photos. The idea is to show how ESHRAQA (The glow from the rays of the dawn, signifying new beginnings and hope) brings new hopes to the people.

We built ESHRAQA to visualize these links and create a new experience for the users. This PHP program based bilingual website has many features such projects map, up to date events tab, media gallery, press clippings and press releases, search etc.

We launched the website in May 2017 after working closely for 6 months with the client.

Our strong relationship with KR continued through their acquisition of this project.

ClientKhimji RamdasServicesWeb Design, Web development, Social Media MarketingLinkwww.eshraqa.om

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